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AP Human Geography Book Report: Resources

AP Human Geography Book Report

The HF Library has many resources to help you complete your book report assignment. During your time in the library, you will work with the library staff and Mr. Aronson to select a book. Next, you will learn how to locate two reviews of your book and two sources of information about the book's author. Finally, you will learn how to cite your sources in Chicago style using Noodletools, a citation-composing software tool.

Selected Book


Usernames and Passwords for 24/7 Home Access

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Book Reviews

Use the HF Library Databases to Find Two Book Reviews

Guidelines for Selecting Book Reviews

Book reviews help us to evaluate a book. The reviewer may explore the book's themes, accuracy and relevance to a particular academic field. The reviewer may summarize or provide an overview of the book, compare it with similar books, discuss the writing style, or analyze the author's methodology and conclusions. The review may also provide biographical information about the author. You will find book reviews in journals, magazines, and newspapers. They may be written by academics, journalists, librarians, or professionals in a particular field. 

A few things to keep in mind:

The author of a book review is not the author of the book. The title of the book review is usually not the title of the book.

Some review sources are intended primarily for librarians and booksellers (Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus, Booklist). While they are adequate, you can probably do better. Try to search beyond these brief reviews.

Author Information

Use the HF Library Databases to Find Two Sources of Information About Your Book's Author