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Mr. Upton -- Public Forum Topics for Debate: Home

Public Forum Debate - Case Development & Evidence

Research several arguments on both sides of the issue.

Effective persuasion requires credible, unbiased, quality supporting evidence, including:

  • facts
  • statistics
  • expert quotations
  • studies
  • polls

Select the best evidence to support your team's claims.

Database Usernames/Passwords

Database Passwords for home access.

Log in with your HF student gmail account to get a list of passwords.

What type of information do you need?

UNDERSTAND: What will help me most?

Before beginning your research ask yourself these questions.

What kind of information will you need?

Do you want facts? Opinions? News reports? Research Studies? Analyses? Personal reflections? History? Primary sources?

Where are you likely to find this information?

Which sources are most likely to be useful? Research databases? Academic journals? Newspapers? Government records? The Internet?

How much information do you need?

How many sources of information are you looking for?  Do you need to view both sides of the issue?

How do you find what you are looking for?

How do you select specific keywords, terms, and phrases in research databases and search engines?

What is a Library Database?

Using Library Resources