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Nuclear Chemistry Project--Ms. Kozik: Citations


Once you have decided on your sources, you will need to cite them in NoodleTools. 

Follow the instructions below depending on where the source came from.  

REMINDER: To access NoodleTools log-on to your HF student gmail first, then select NoodleTools from your Google Apps List

Citing Gale Databases

Step 1: Open your article in one tab

Step 2: Open your NoodleTools in another tab and select your project

Step 3: Click on "Sources" tab at the top

Step 4: Go back to article and click on "Cite" button at the top of page

Step 5: "Choose Citation Format" select APA Style 

Step 6: "Export To" select NoodleTools then click "Export"

Step 7: At bottom of page click on "Import references"

Step 8: Go back to NoodleTools and refresh your page

Step 9: Citation will now appear in your list

Citing Websites

Step 1: Open your article in one tab

Step 2: Open your NoodleTools in another tab and select your project

Step 3: Click on "Sources" tab at the top

Step 4: Click green box that says "+New Source"

Step 5"Where is it?" select Website

Step 6"What is it?" select Web Page

Step 7: Fill in as many boxes as you can in the template.

NOTE: for the author, you may have a group or organization as the author instead of an individual person, so put that group name in the "Last name or group" box

Step 8: Click green "Save" button