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English 2: Sustained Research Project: Home


For this long-term assignment, you will invest in an issue and become an expert who is ready to answer questions and offer solutions. By participating in on-going research, you will work to deliver an informational speech followed by a persuasive speech in the third quarter.

Each Resource Type box on this page helps you to explore a different type of source. The highlighted source is usually your "best bet" among the library databases or the web for the type of source you need. The sources listed at the bottom of each box are additional recommended sources if you need to explore further. 

A copy of your assignment is linked here.

REMINDER: Each Source Type wil require 2 notecards in NoodleTools

Exploring Topics

Choosing a topic IS research!  You will want to take the time to explore different ideas.  Before you finalize a topic choice, be sure to do some preliminary research to see if it is feasible.  SIRS Issues Researcher is the perfect database to explore topic ideas in many areas.

If you don't find what you are looking for in SIRS, try these other databases:

Choosing a Topic IS Research

Source Search Tips

When you are specifically looking for a particular source type -- a newspaper article, a journal article, a blog post, etc. -- you can use database features to target the types of sources you need.

Most databases will have features that allow you to limit your results to particular source types, such as newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals. These are called search limiters or search filters, and will appear on the Advanced Search screen, or on the left or right hand column of your results list. You can often limit to document type (book review, editorial, image) as well. Each database will offer different types of limiters or filters, and each database will contain different types of content.  Be sure to choose the best databases for your information need.

Searching Databases -- Search Terms and Advanced Searches

How to Improve Your Search Terms